Greetings from PAN INDIA-The Playarea Specialist!

At Pan India, we are so incredibly excited and pleased to introduce MUSIC IN THE PLAY GROUND!! It enables us to take play areas & recreation spaces to yet another decibel of exhilaration and FUN!! Each design is creatively designed with accurate musical and technical knowledge to ensure each instrument delivers in sound, appearance and durability.


Trust us, anyone can play our instruments! Anyone can create beautiful, original music playing our instruments. Anyone can surprise and impress people playing our instruments.

What's more, THESE INSTRUMENTS ARE ​ALWAYS HARMONIOUS All the instruments are specially fine tuned ​by hand, ​so that all notes automatically sound harmonious together! The outdoor Musical instruments give a hand-on experience to even complete novices. No training required! Now isn't that amazing??!! :-)


It offers cognitive, emotional and physical play opportunities. They encourage cooperation and creative thinking.

It is exciting to play a musical instrument outdoors, does not have an age limit, or a required skill level, so it's something that friends or families can do together, all contributing and creating their own musical ideas and sounds.

What's more, Music is therapeutic for children with special needs and even benefits the elderly.

Please feel free to inquire with us for more details.


Highly Interactive and innovative, these can be installed in a variety of OUTDOOR OR INDOOR SETTINGS- VIRTUALLY ANY PUBLIC OR PRIVATE SPACE! The melodious sounds help to create a happy and peaceful environment anywhere!

Freechimes are an exciting and imaginative concept when selecting outdoor musical instruments.

These are hand tuned to the highest quality and produce a rich vibrant, harmonic resonance.

Manufactured from Stainless Steel, Babel Drums are a part of the family of percussion instruments that consists of Hand pans, Hank, Tank and Tongue Drums.

Cadenzas are scaled down outdoor musical instruments perfect for one player and comfortable enough for two. When played they immediately bring smiles to everyone in earshot.

Striking the chime with your hands just about anywhere along the tube produces a deep, resonant, powerful tone that you not only hear, but can feel as well. It is an amazing experience and you really do feel like you have been bathed in sound!

We’ve taken the traditional conga drum and added our own twist to bring drumming and music-making to the great outdoors.   The Congas are a pair of single headed drums mounted onto a stainless steel post to be installed directly into the ground.

Papilio is a tubular bell type metallophone constructed using notes of anodised aluminium tubes, suspended by stainless steel cables and supported by a stainless steel frame.

The Duo is a distinctive instrument with an ergonomic curved design.  Accessible from both sides, this instrument can be enjoyed by up to four players. 

To play a plosive aerophone, you simply strike the end of a long tube (traditionally bamboo) to give the air inside a bit of a jolt, this jolt then creates a vibration  which makes a distinctive ‘boing’ sound as the air resonates within the tube. 

Cajon - by Music Park is perfect for outdoor performances but can double up as a seating solution, they are an attractive, extremely durable and hardwearing outdoor drum.

The Harmony is based upon a traditional Vietnamese Bamboo xylophone called a T'rung.

Elegant, with an irresistibly beautiful sound and resonance, Harmony is perfect for melodic exploration.

This exciting collection of tuned outdoor musical instruments from the percussion family are guaranteed to strike a chord.  

These substantial Outdoor Marimbas are extremely popular and perfect as school playground equipment, for music therapy sessions and creative playgrounds.