The Thar Desert projects are so very special to us! In the middle of a desert we are given the opportunity to create a happy Oasis for kids!

Our 6th playground for this American client was installed on 2nd January 2019, deep in the interiors of rural Rajasthan.

Imagine our pride and joy when Ms. Joubert sent this video over to us!!

Ms. Rashida Shabbir is a very talented lady. She creates magical playgrounds for her clients.

She is truly passionate about what she does and so brings out her best each time. She paints a Beautiful "Mona Lisa" each time! I have had the privilege to personally witness her finished work and was amazed at her thoughtful detailing and execution. Give her a free hand and watch the magic unfold. She creates a Disney Land for kids and for grown-ups!

I have no hesitation in recommending her to you. She transforms the location into something very appropriate for its potential users.

Deepak Nanda, Chairman and MD, Knightsbridge Financial Services Pvt Ltd, Pune.

Ex Citibank Investment Banker, who has raised over Rs 45,000 crores of Equity and Debt for clients.