Pan India brings to you a vibrant spectrum of International Play area solutions. Depending on your project, budget & preferences we are able to provide you with anything & everything that you might ever require for your recreation areas. But we don’t just provide equipment- Our forte is to provide in-depth, honest & accurate consultancy to guide you thru the maze of equipment which is EXACTLY RIGHT for your project. Clients benefit from our vast experience & expertise!

Pan India is excited to collaborate with Sutcliffe Play, UK to bring to you cutting edge play area solutions. World-renowned designers, suppliers and UK manufacturers of outdoor equipment with over 100 years’ experience, they are a design-led, child-centered, innovative and quality driven company.

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A radical new approach to play equipment which changes the psychology of the playground.

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A contemporary, exhilarating, freeform play experience for ages 6-12.

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The world is spinning with our NEW Dynamic Roundabouts! Its fast, fun & exciting play! And Inclusive too!

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Sutcliffe Play continues to be a leading manufacturer of swing seats worldwide. Sutcliffe Play manufactures a large range of swings design for every type of situation.

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Zip line wires, cable rides, cable ways, aerial runways... call them what you will, they are dynamic fun play items most often associated with adventure playgrounds. And now we have our own new design so you can add adventure into any play space.

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Springy rockers are imaginative, exhilarating and fun. Choose from springie horse, fish or monster.

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Hang out with friends & play your favorite music!. This state-of-the-art unit can be fitted with an optional self-contained, low voltage Bluetooth music player and LCD lights which are powered by a crank handle within the Pod, enabling the users to power up the system themselves.

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Orchard is a wood based clamber units, small and large Tower Units, Swing and Trim Trails- all created to provide a combination of physical activity and challenge, social interaction and opportunities for learning.

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